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Poultry Specialties
Global Menu Solutions has Poultry Specialties that will greatly appeal to your customers. Our poultry specialties are made from free-range chickens fed with organically-grown feed. These are great to serve during family gatherings, holiday feasts and high-attendance events. Delectable and tantalizingly delicious, our poultry specials are mixed with fresh vegetables, the right amount of herbs and spices and are breaded and stuffed. Ready-to-cook stuffed poultry party delights that are great to serve straight from the oven. We also offer poultry pies in flaky and crunchy pastry shells. Be sure to stock plenty as these are great always party favorites!

Boneless Stuffed Breast Torpedoes - Mozzarella Cheese
Boneless Stuffed Breast Torpedoes - Spinach
Boneless Stuffed Breast Torpedoes - Tomato Basil
Chicken Bite - Cashew
Chicken Bite - Thai Sesame
Chicken Fajita
Chicken Pie - Spinach & Cheese (Florentine)
Chicken Pie - Toscana
Chicken Pie Mushroom Leek
Cup - Duck & Thai Red Chili
Duck Parcels - Black Beans
Duck Rice Ball
Duck Spring Roll
Pie - Duck & Mushroom
Satay - Green Thai Chili